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Commitment to Quality

Quality Models

A drive for continuous improvement is embedded in our culture at Scottish Autism as we strive for excellence both as an employer and in the services we provide to autistic people across Scotland.

Scottish Autism currently uses two quality models. The first is the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), a globally recognised model that provides a holistic view of an organisation to help them identify key strengths and also where they may need to improve as they strive towards excellence.

The second is the Autism Practice Improvement Framework (APIF). Continuous improvement of our practice and service delivery is supported by the use of Autism Practice Improvement Framework (APIF). Designed by Scottish Autism it is a bespoke adaptation of the theory and methodology used in the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model.

APIF is underpinned by seven overarching themes that include 21 statements that staff, teams and services can use to self-assess their autism practice. The aim of APIF is to improve autism practice, which in turn should improve the lives of all service users and pupils that Scottish Autism supports. The framework will be used to self-assess services to reflect, rate and quantify where Scottish Autism is with autism practice.

The diagram below shows the New EFQM model 2019:         

Copyright EFQM 2019         


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