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Right Click Redevelopment

Help to redevelop our Right Click online programme, supporting thousands of autistic people and their families across Scotland

We constantly seek to develop innovative approaches to support more autistic people and their families by using the expertise of our dedicated staff. Right Click, our online support programme, launched in 2012 offering a wealth of information and practical strategies for parents and carers.

This was developed as an extension and enhancement to our Advice Line, which offers a direct first response to families looking for information, advice and support.

Right Click draws on the knowledge and experience of the Advisors in our Autism Support Team who understand the needs of the autistic community, as well as other professionals, and offers over 80 videos as well as a range of support materials covering a host of topics to support autistic people.

Right Click currently offers four programmes focused on three age groups (child, teen and adulthood) and one focused on the needs and challenges faced by autistic women.

Over 7,200 people have accessed the programmes since it's launch. We recognise that we need to update and refresh the existing programmes to include more current information on autism, bring the language and terminology up to date and to include more contemporary understanding of good practice as well as recent research.

We also need to respond to the needs of users who are seeking shorter educational videos due to decreasing attention spans.

In addition to refreshing the current programmes, we propose to develop an education programme against the backdrop of our “Not Included, Not Engaged, Not Involved” campaign, which shone a light on the wide ranging experiences of autistic learners in Scotland. This report highlighted the unacceptable use of unlawful exclusion and other practices that result in autistic children receiving inadequate or inappropriate education.

Whilst we have made some headway with our campaign, most notably a commitment to include training in autism in initial teacher education programmes, we recognise there are still significant numbers of pupils experiencing challenges in accessing school. Most children will be at home with parents who have had to give up or adjust their working life to support them.

We therefore want to develop the programme to: 

  • Provide parents with accessible information regarding their child’s rights and the responsibilities of education departments 
  • Signpost parents to organisations who can assist them 
  • Develop resources to support learners whilst they are out of school in terms of anxiety management 
  • Focus on wellbeing and stress reduction for learners and their families 
  • Ensure that families experiencing these challenges, feel less isolated

​We would love your help to raise £79,269 to redevelop the Right Click support programme to benefit more autistic people and their families across Scotland. Will you help us? Please get involved and show your support by donating generously or taking part in your own fundraising activity for the Right Click appeal.

How to raise funds

If you would like to organise a fundraising event to raise funds for this appeal, check out our fundraising ideas or you can sign up for one of our Get Active events. You can get in touch with our Income Generation Team at or call 01259 720044.

How to donate

You can make a donation today or send a cheque payable to ‘Scottish Autism’ for the attention of Fundraising, Scottish Autism, Hilton House, Whins Road, Alloa Business Park, Alloa FK10 3SA. Be sure to let us know that your donation is to support the Right Click programme.

Thank you!

Scottish Autism have helped to give a platform, through Right Click, for people to learn about how varied autism is, at their own pace. It's very important because Right Click was the first step for me to deepen my understanding of autism and from there, help me improve Niall's life, and my own.

- Damien, Parent and Right Click Participant



It made me feel less alienated knowing that many parents have encountered difficulties helping their child with typical things such as dressing and toileting.

- Anon, Parent and Right Click Participant