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Legal and School Structure

Legal Framework

New Struan School is part of Scotland’s national autism charity, Scottish Autism, which enables autistic people to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Scottish Autism is both a charity registered in Scotland (number 009068) and a Company limited by guarantee (SC81123) - read our constitution.

Scottish Autism has recently completed a tender process to appoint an external auditor and Scott-Moncrieff were appointed as auditors from the current financial year.


Governance Structure

The Scottish Autism Board meets on a regular basis to scrutinise performance and set policy direction. Scottish Autism’s day to day operational decision making rests with the Senior Management Team made up of the Chief Executive and four Senior Managers, including the Director of Autism Services. This team is also responsible for the organisation’s strategic planning process and performance management, and for reporting back to the Board.

The Education Committee meets three times per year and is made up of several Trustees as well as the CEO, Head Teacher, Depute Head Teacher and Residences Manager. The Education Committee monitors school performance and makes recommendations to the Scottish Autism Board. Other working groups monitoring and developing organisational strategy are established as required.

All policies are reviewed every three years, or sooner if necessary due to legislative changes. Policies are introduced or reviewed as inclusively as possible prior to final signoff by the Senior Management Team (SMT) and Board.

The School encourages participation by pupils in decision-making, and there is an active pupil council.

View our school organisational structure diagram. 


Parent Council 

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