Every child and young person is unique

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A Community of Individuals

Do you know a young person who could benefit from a specialist school for autism?

Every autistic child and young person is unique and this is no more apparent than when looking at the diverse community at New Struan School.

Amongst our pupils we have the earliest of communicators who have early language skills to those with a wide vocabulary. We have some pupils who are extremely sociable and actively seek friendships and others who find two way interaction and understanding differences in others a challenge. Some pupils seek confined spaces to feel secure and others look for wide open spaces to run free. While some are comforted by ritual and routine, many of our pupils are creative and curious to learn new things.

Whatever a young person’s communication, social or sensory needs, we provide a flexible and highly personalised approach which enables each and every one of our pupils to reach their full potential.


To find out more about New Struan Day and Residential School, or to arrange a visit, please contact Lee-Anne McAulay, Head Teacher, by emailing LeeAnne.McAulay@scottishautism.org, or call 01259 222 000.