Jason's Testimonial

Hi, my name is Jason. I am 12 and I am in Birch Class at New Struan School. I have been at New Struan for three years now and I love it there. I was originally at a mainstream school but then I moved to a school with an autistic unit but it didn’t work out there so I came here and it’s great.

I got diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at six years old and ever since then I have had my ups and downs but since becoming a part of New Struan, it has been mostly ups and as my mum says, ‘He (I) has been going from strength to strength’. Basically, New Struan School has changed my life for the good.

Here, I have my own shop called ‘The Struan Superstore’ where I sell mostly sweets and toys. We sell: Kit Kats, Bounties, Skittles, Quavers, Skips, Doritos, colouring books and Blind Bags.

I also (rarely) have people work at the store but I don’t like that. I always have an adult with me to make sure I am giving out the right change. I serve lots of people on a Monday morning when they need a Kit Kat or a bag of Doritos. Working in a shop has given me lots of confidence and I always shop at ASDA.

Overall, I think this school gives people like me a new chance at everything. I will give it 10 Jasmine’s out of 10.

"I think this school gives people like me a new chance at everything."
Jason - Pupil at New Struan School