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Assembly with dancing and star award fun!

Assembly started this week with some lovely relaxing music that was very soothing and calming. Then we all took our shoes off and grabbed a mat for yoga.

Caine was great this week with his yoga poses, trying every one and got a Hi-5 from Lucy.

Once everyone rolled up their mats, it was time for the bucket!

Let’s look and see…

An ostrich, with a very long neck…what a funny toy it was.

The next thing from the bucket was a rainbow ribbon, the ribbon danced about the room as Lucy moved it in circles and waves.

Star Award time, so drum roll please…

Caine received a star award this week for being the lead learner for Barra class and taking all his friends and staff through Attention Autism.  

Frankie and Jason were awarded this week’s star baker awards. Frankie got his star baker award for his chopping skills in British Pie Week and Jason for making toasted paninis, yummy!

To round off this weeks assembly, Jay let everyone hear the Gummy Bear song. Jay was dancing and signing with the microphone on his special dance spot for everyone to see.

Great dance moves Jay, well done!

Everyone then ventured off for their daily mile…

There will be lots of fun to look forward to this week at the farm, in drama class, rebound therapy and animation. Have a great week everyone!