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LGBT Charter

LGBT Chartermark Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that we have passed the LGBT Charter at Foundations level! Thank you to everyone that has helped on our journey so far to gain our Foundation level and make Scottish Autism a more inclusive workplace for LGBTQ+ people.

At Scottish Autism, championing equality, understanding, respect and inclusivity for LGBTQ+ Colleagues and for the people we support, is important to us. We recognise both the struggles and triumphs of the LGBTQ+ community, and are committed to creating an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all.

Did you know? studies show that autistic people are more likely to be LGBTQ+

Training & Policy Review 

Over 90 staff members have undertaken LGBTQ+ Awareness Training and fedback that their awareness of LGBTQ+ identities and preferred language has increased. We are currently reviewing our policies to ensure that language used is inclusive for all

System Development 

We support and encourage all of our colleagues to feel confident in disclosing their preferred pronouns. 

We recognise that gender identity is deeply personal and unique to each person and that using correct pronouns is a fundamental way to show respect and validation. This is just a small way that we can demonstrate our commitment to an environment where everyone feels seen, accepted, and valued for who they truly are.

We have therefore updated our platforms to ensure our staff can share their preferred pronouns should they wish to do so. When pronouns are updated, they will automatically appear on the staff member’s email signature.

Demographic Data Capture 

We have updated the information we capture to support the safe, confidential, and appropriate monitoring of diversity characteristics - including sexual orientation and gender identity for staff - which we will utilise to improve inclusivity and support the diversity of our workforce. 

Celebration Events

Scottish Autism took part in celebrating LGBTQ+ equality at Pride events on:

27th August 2023 in Perth

15th July 2023 in Glasgow

1st July 2023 in Fife

24th June 2023 in Edinburgh 


If you are looking for support or information on LGBTQ+ issues, there there are a number of organisations that can help. We have linked some of them below:

Stonewall Scotland 

LGBT Youth Scotland 

Scottish Trans Alliance 

Mind Out

Stonewall even have a specific resource on neurodivergent LGBTQ+ information!