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Online Support for Autistic Women and Girls


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Women and Girls Online Support

A source of information and inspiration

Our women and girls programme is for autistic females of all ages, as well as parents, carers and professionals.

The programme provides valuable information addressing key health and wellbeing challenges, as well as providing practical advice on a range of issues.

We have engaged with women and girls from the autism community and we have drawn on the expertise of a network of professionals to develop a range of videos and other support materials.
The topics covered include: diagnosis, education, employment, positive living and parenting.
   How it works:
Our women and girls programme is the latest addition to Right Click, our comprehensive online support resource.
To access the programme, please click on the button below to register, select 'Create New Account' and gain immediate access via a login which is valid for two months. During this time you can work through the material at a pace and time to suit you. 
You are also assigned an autism advisor who can be contacted to answer questions or give more specific advice.
*Please note that if you have already taken part in a Right Click programme we will have your details and to access the women and girls programme please don’t register again, simply contact us and we will give you access. Email or phone 01259 720044. 

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To commemorate the launch of the women and girls programme, we created a special video which saw 11 women come together to form a choir for the day. The song, ‘Something Inside So Strong’, was chosen as it seemed to capture the sentiment and spirit of the many stories we have heard from women during the life of the project. We really hope you enjoy it!


The development of the women and girls programme was funded by the Scottish Government.

Download a Women and Girls flyer to print off and share with people you think would be interested or contact us at to request professionally printed leaflets. (Please note that due to Covid-19 and remote working delivery may take longer than usual).





"So many parents of girls and women on the autism spectrum are seeking help, advice and resources and, up until now, these have been lacking. This new programme builds on the real lives of females in the autism community who have shared their experiences and knowledge which is now accessible to help girls and women who live with the condition as well as their families and carers."

Dr Catriona Stewart