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How to access the Transition Service

Here's how to access transitional support:


1 - Contact/Visit

Contact Scottish Autism on 0845 300 9275 or email: to learn more or to arrange a visit.

2 - Complete and Submit a Referral Form

Referral forms are available using this link: Services Referral Form

3 - Pre-placement Assessment

This is carried out by an experienced manager in conjunction with the family and relevant professionals.

4 - Place Agreed

Following a successful pre-placement assessment, a place can be offered as soon as the necessary funding is approved.

5 - Transition Plan

The core team will create a detailed transition plan for the individual joining us to ensure a smooth and supportive introduction to the service.



To find out more, please fill out the form below.

Service Enquiries Form

Or email us at

New Ridgepark House
Mousebank Road,
Lanark ML11 7RA
Tel: 0845 300 9275

Edinburgh Road, Lamington, Biggar,
Lanarkshire ML12 6HP
Tel: 0845 300 9272

View our Transitional Services brochure
or contact us to receive a copy by post.