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Opportunities in Lothian

Our day service in Lothian gives autistic adults the opportunity to access a range of activities. 


Lothian Day Service

Our Lothian Day Service in Musselburgh offers various opportunities for autistic individuals. We support people to learn and develop new skills and take a full and active role in the community. Experienced practitioners support individuals to identify their interests, wishes and aspirations, developing outcome focused support plans which detail how each person will achieve their goals. The building offers large, spacious rooms for group activities as well as small rooms for focused activities such as art therapy, development of communication and technology skills and relaxation. The large kitchen area provides opportunities for individuals to develop food preparation and cooking skills which can then be transferred to their home setting. There is also a sensory room providing a calm environment to relax and unwind in.

Working Together

Individuals who access the service have the opportunity to work towards and achieve recognised qualifications through the Borders College Accreditation Programme. Our team of staff are trained to support individuals to gather information to evidence their skills and knowledge on specific topics.

Lothian Day Service has established an excellent relationship with Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, offering student placements in the service. This allows students to develop practical experience whilst offering autistic individuals the chance to express themselves through art, music and drama therapy groups.

Our day service is delivered by a dedicated team of practitioners who receive regular autism-specific training. All of our day and vocational services are reviewed by the Care Inspectorate and full details of recent inspections can be found on their website:

Meet Konor

Konor is a young autistic man who accesses our Lothian Day Service. He had a very smooth transition from school into the service. Consultations with Konor’s parents, social work and his school were central to the success of the move. A person-centred approach looking at Konor’s school and home life was used to develop a programme to support Konor recognising his need for routines while giving opportunities for choice. In Lothian Day Service there is a wider choice of activities to take part in compared with life at school. Gradually, Konor has been introduced to new activities including a walk in the local community. In his last year of school, going for walks was something that Konor struggled with due to issues around wearing shoes.

With carefully planned support, Konor is now able to walk with staff in the local area with his shoes on. Transition can be challenging, as the strategies learnt in the school environment are sometimes difficult to apply to an adult environment. However, Konor has coped very well in adapting to his new environment thanks to the detailed support plan developed by staff in collaboration with his parents and multi-disciplinary team.

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