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Online Safety

Keeping ourselves and the people we look after safe online can be a challenge in today’s world of social media, internet searches, online gaming and numerous devices.

Below you will find some useful links to various resources on how to support people to stay safe whilst enjoying the many benefits of the internet. You may wish to get creative with these and use parts of some resources with parts of others to make the most of them and to adapt them to the needs and communication styles of the individual.

NSPCC – Offers guidance on various topics ranging from setting up parental controls on devices to supporting someone who has seen something online which has upset them.

Childnet International - This is a Non-profit organisation working with others to help make the internet a great and safe place for children. On their website they specifically have a parent and carer toolkit to help guide and support conversations with your child about online safety.

Childline - this uses slightly more complicated language, but has more in depth explanations of online issues such as phishing and scams.

BBC – Here you will find easy read tips on staying safe online as well as links on the right of the page to various ‘Help Me Out’ links. These include a wide range of topics as well as one dedicated to Your Digital Rights.

National Online Safety - Here you will find posters/guides. Setting up an account is straight forward and free of charge. All downloads are free.

Think U Know – This has particularly good links for people aged 14+ and includes information of what to do if you are concerned about a friend.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection – This webpage may be useful where you are worried about the way someone has been communicating online or online sexual abuse.

UK Safer Internet Centre – Here you will find specific resources and tips aimed at 11-19 year olds as well as online safety information for parents and carers. There is a useful section on starting a conversation around these topics.

Children 1st - There is an online world on this website where you can access information on a range of topics. There is also a helpline number and webchat service listed on the webpage which you could use to gain further information specific to your scenario.

Learn My Way – You will find useful links across this website around learning lots of different computer/online skills. This uses simple and clear language and is in interactive way of learning.

02 – 02 Have provided support and tips for parents and carers on a child’s first phone

Youtube/Emerging Minds – there are many video resources on youtube looking at this topic. This Webinar called ‘Teens, screens and quarantines’ is based on research but this could prompt some discussion points or thoughts.

Internet Matters - This site has more useful tips and support for parents/carers. There is guidance here of how to support something you are concerned about online.