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Tayside Area Services

Help to develop our service for our supported individuals in Dundee

Based in the city centre of Dundee, our North Lindsay Street Day and Outreach Service supports 41 autistic adults. We are raising funds so that this service will be able to support even more autistic people and families across Tayside, to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

The service includes a range of facilities; an art room, sensory room, IT room, life skills kitchen and a large social area. There is also a quieter area where individuals can focus on developing independent living skills as well as facilities for promoting relaxation and wellbeing. Those supported are also enabled to access a variety of activities in the wider community, either independently or as a group.

There is a need to refurbish the current toilet facilities at the service. We would also like to enhance the spaces and equipment for use, to benefit the people we support's personal development and enable opportunities for relaxation. The spaces that need an upgrade too are the training room, computer room, wellbeing room, sensory room and art room. We'd also like to improve the activities available for the individuals supported at the Day Opportunity service.

As part of their 2023-2025 service development plan, the Tayside team plan to reinvigorate and develop this service. These plans will help to support the wellbeing and personal development of all our supported individuals and also the staff who are so dedicated to supporting them. It will also greatly benefit staff and families of those supported at these services.

We hope to raise £56,830 towards upgrading this service.

Please get involved and show your support by donating or taking part in your own fundraising activities for our North Lindsay Street Service.



Meet Claire 

Claire accesses the North Lindsay Street Service daily and has been doing so since 2018. However, in 2020, our outreach services were majorly disrupted by the pandemic and Claire, along with all our supported individuals, was unable to access the service for a long period of time. This time was challenging, as we were unable to support Claire in her daily life. 

Over time as restrictions lifted, we slowly began to reintroduce the service and also brought on new staff members. Claire returned to the service.  

Since then, with encouragement and support from two staff members, Claire’s confidence is growing. Claire communicates through small words and also knows a small amount of Makaton. Claire has had some mobility issues but enjoys going for walks so the staff take her out in her wheelchair. However, over the past few years since her return to North Lindsay Street, we are seeing Claire’s mobility starting to improve. Claire is now walking through the service with a staff member and even at times walking around on her own. When she arrives and leaves the service, she is able to walk to and from the car into the outreach area.

Claire is very much enjoying the hustle and bustle of the service now and is even taking part in Zumba classes with the support of her staff. She also loves sitting listening to others in the building as well as watching videos on her tablet. The North Lindsay Street service and the staff have seen Claire’s confidence, mobility and sense of self grow and grow since her return to the service after the pandemic. 

I find working at Scottish Autism very fulfilling as I feel it gives me a sense of purpose in the work place. I enjoy the little challenges that may present themselves such as communication & figuring out which different vocals are. There's such a sense of achievement between Claire & myself when this happens and I feel it has helped to develop my relationship with Claire, which is growing every day. When I have new staff with me I have such a sense of pride when I am able to pass along my knowledge and skills & see that new staff are taking everyone on board and building their own relationships with Claire.

     Paige, Autism Practitioner

During my time with Scottish Autism I have seen Claire post pandemic be reintroduced into various activities within North Lindsay Street. It has been amazing to see the staff team and Claire's relationship grow together and to try new activities with Claire or returning to activities she enjoyed before also. In a recent review Claire's parent and social worker had commented that they are very pleased with how the service has been going for Claire. This is evident when I see Claire who is interacting positively in the North Lindsay Street environment with caring Autism Practitioners who are collaborating together to give the best service for Claire that meets her needs.

     Andrew Rafferty, Services Manager

How to raise funds

If you would like to organise a fundraising event check out our fundraising ideas or you can sign up for one of our Get Active events. Please get in touch with the Fundraising Team at or call 01259 720044.

How to donate

You can make a donation today or please get in touch if you would like our bank details to make a bank transfer. Be sure to let us know which project your donation is to support.

Find out more about the Tayside services. Thank you!