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Developing Independence

Across all of our supported living services, the emphasis is on the development of skills for independent living, recognising individual goals and aspirations and enabling people to be active participants in their local communities and beyond.

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Supported Living

Scottish Autism provides supported living services across Scotland, offering up to 24 hour care and support. 


Our experienced staff understand autism and use their knowledge to develop personalised support strategies that enable individuals to achieve goals and outcomes that enhance their quality of life.

Our supported living options are developed around the need of each person and include:

  • residential care in small group settings
  • individual housing tenancies
  • shared housing tenancies
  • support for individuals to manage their own home and tenancies.

Developing skills for independent living means working with individuals to maximise their potential, personalise their support, promote and encourage their self-determination and explore their aspirations. In addition we enable adults to develop essential everyday skills such as:

  • money management
  • self care
  • laundry
  • general housekeeping
  • cooking skills

We also encourage individuals to get out and about in the community, use local facilities where available and access social, educational and employment opportunities. 

The level and nature of the support adults receive in our accommodation based services depends on the needs and aspirations of the individual. We asked a young man supported in one of our residential settings what skills are important to him to have in his home and he answered: 

“Making real coffee, listening to my music, watching my Kylie DVD, writing Christmas lists, doing my dusting. Having things the way I want them.” 

Our supported living services across Scotland are delivered by dedicated teams of practitioners who receive regular autism-specific training. All of our supported living services are reviewed by the Care Inspectorate and full details of recent inspections can be found on their website:

Meet Fiona

Residential Support

Fiona is supported by Scottish Autism to live in a residential setting. She is an extremely sociable person and enjoys a vast array of activities and opportunities in her home and in the local community. Fiona particularly enjoys community volunteering; lending her support to the local church coffee morning, working in a local recycling centre and helping with the local Ranger service. Fiona says: “I like working with the two Marys at the coffee morning and cleaning the dirty recycling centre”. When asked about her Ranger volunteering Fiona said she enjoys: “rhoddy bashing (rhododendron clearing), building houses for the animals and getting all muddy”.

Through attending her local church every Sunday, Fiona has developed good social relationships with most of the ladies there and knows them by their first names. When helping out at their weekly coffee morning, Fiona carries out a variety of tasks from serving the coffee to clearing tables. One of the highlights of Fiona’s day is joining the other ladies for their break half way through the day where she can chat away to the other volunteers. Fiona has been volunteering at the church for over a year now and gets a great deal out of this. Support staff from Fiona’s home still attend with her to offer their support, but they have been delighted to take a step back as her independence and confidence have grown.


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