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Opportunities in Fife

Our day opportunities offer diverse experiences for autistic individuals. There are three day services based within Fife.


Blue Central

Blue Central is conveniently located in Dunfermline, within easy reach of local amenities. The service has been specifically designed around the needs of autistic adults and provides a light and spacious environment with many facilities. In addition to an IT room and kitchen where individuals can develop essential life skills, there is a quiet room and social area for adults to relax and unwind in. Working closely with each individual, practitioners create and deliver personalised support plans. This could include supporting individuals to access local sports groups or to enjoy music or gardening projects.


Woodend in Cowdenbeath offers support to those with complex needs. We primarily specialise in developing communication skills with the aid of speech and language professionals. The specially designed building includes a large modern kitchen/dining area, a large enclosed garden, social hub, therapy room and sensory room as well as other multipurpose spaces. There is scope to support different individual needs in a variety of environments.

Wallsgreen Resource Base


At Wallsgreen Resource Base, we support individuals to take part in a wide range of activities with a focus on communication and interaction. The recently renovated service incorporates design features such as curved walls, enabling individuals to navigate the building more easily. There is also a personal care suite which is well adapted for those with higher care needs.


Our day service is delivered by a dedicated team of practitioners who receive regular autism-specific training. All of our day and vocational services are reviewed by the Care Inspectorate and full details of recent inspections can be found on their website: 

The Tree and the Abbey

A group of individuals who access our day services in Fife enjoy attending weekly drama workshops. 

They have put on several fantastic performances of their drama, The Tree and the Abbey, including two shows at the renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The play tells the social history of Fife narrated by a tree which stands in the grounds of Dunfermline Abbey. A highly personalised approach to developing the drama was used. Individuals were encouraged to call upon their own experiences to create characters they could identify with. Practitioners and cast members were involved in everything from painting stage sets to playing musical instruments.

After performing the play in front of families and friends, it was the suggestion of a cast member to take the show to the Festival. Performing in front of a much larger audience at an international event required a considerable amount of passion, commitment and hard work from all cast members. This was recognised when they were awarded the National Autistic Society’s Autism Professional Award for the ‘Most Creative Community Project’. With confidence levels high after so many successful shows, individuals are now excited to be working on their next drama. Speaking about performing at the Festival, cast member Daniel said:

“I enjoyed the show, I got a lot out of it… I feel like we can do more, make more shows…all the acts that we did on stage – it was great!”

You can find out more on how to access this service or contact us by filling out the form below.

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