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Scottish Autism -
Where autistic people are valued.

Feeling valued is fundamental to everyone’s wellbeing and self-esteem. Scottish Autism is committed to enabling autistic people to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Autistic people are at the heart of everything we do, with the recognition that each of our supported individuals have something valuable to teach us. We continually strive to recognise, validate and act upon an individual’s ‘voice’ and choice. Feeling valued requires that someone demonstrates that they have seen worth in you, and your contribution. In order for the people we support to feel valued, we not only listen to their wants, needs and aspirations but support them to achieve what is meaningful to them.

This campaign, which was filmed with the support of autistic people from across our services, demonstrates that whilst autism can result in a range of challenges, autistic people have potential, skills, talents and aspirations. With enabling support, it is possible for autistic people to achieve outcomes that are meaningful to them and their families.

Where Autistic People Are Valued.

New Struan School

New Struan School is an independent day and residential school in Alloa for pupils aged between 5 and 19 from across the UK. Our school supports autistic pupils with different levels of communication, social understanding and sensory needs.

Our vision is to enable our pupils to become included, confident learners in the community. We know that young autistic people can be successful learners and we strive to provide the structured and supportive environment which enables them to reach their full potential.

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Supported Living

We provide Supported living services that can offer 24 hour care and support, which are personalised to the individual. Supported living options include residential care, individual and shared housing tenancies and support for individuals to manage their own home and tenancies.

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Day And Vocational

We offer a wide range of day and vocational opportunites across Scotland. The type of services we offer are based on the choices, needs and aspirations of the individuals we support.

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Outreach support can be beneficial in providing access to a number of social and leisure activities, as well as including the development of skills in budgeting and independent living.

As part of our outreach support we also offer social independence groups, which provide an opportunity for individuals to meet and participate in social activities.

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What Your Support Means

We provide autistic individuals, families and professionals with advice, information and support that makes a real difference to their everyday lives. Your generous donations, and fundraising activities, help us to reach and support more autistic people in Scotland.

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Meet The Iceberg Crew.






Our Film

We couldn’t have created these films without the help of the fantastic Iceberg Productions, participation from the individuals we support, our staff and friends of the organisation.

Thank you to all of our Film Superstars for taking part in the campaign.

Behind the Scenes.

Who are Iceberg

Iceberg Productions are a group of young autistic film makers, supported by Scottish Autism. A film crew called The Untold Motion Picture Company worked closely with Iceberg Productions, sharing with them their knowledge and expertise in filming and editing, enabling them to develop the skills needed to operate sophisticated filming equipment. Roles within the group naturally evolved with some of the individuals we support showing a flair for certain aspects of producing films. For example Leroy does a fantastic job of getting the equipment ready and making sure everything is ‘just so’ before the filming begins. It came as no surprise then that Leroy started to emerge as our grip man! The group have come so far since they started up: as well as learning lots of new skills they have built confidence and friendships along the way.

Why Iceberg

The group were named ‘Iceberg Productions’ early on. En route to the first group gathering, Scott, Emma’s support worker, collected her and they chatted about what might lie ahead. Filled with enthusiasm but also a little uncertainty, Scott joked that, ‘it could be like Titanic - we could all go down!’. Later, when they were brainstorming ideas on what the group should be called, Emma reflected back on this and suggested, ‘Why don’t we call it Iceberg’?! And thus Iceberg Productions was born. As you will see from the outtakes, the humour that lies behind the naming of the group was also very much present throughout the production of the films.

Emma and Jason discuss what they enjoy about being part of Iceberg productions.

Jason interviews HRH Princess Marie of Denmark at Kelvingrove in Glasgow and gleans an insight into the Princess’s everyday routines.

Emma and Jason reflect on their involvement in the #autisticandvalued campaign.

So much has been happening behind the scenes, the group started up their own news broadcast.

Emma perfects her acting skills whilst having fun.

Jason practices his interview techniques with his peers - practice makes perfect!

Positive feedback is an important part of the production process.

Recording voiceovers can be challenging at times but Daniel is motivated to do the best job.

Sometimes Iceberg just have to keep the experts right…

Support Us!

Your donations, and commitment to fundraising, enable us to reach more autistic people in Scotland.

Some of the activities and services we have been able to offer due to the generosity of others include our Advice Line. The Advice Line is managed by a dedicated team of advisors who are trained and experienced in working with autistic people as well as parents, families and professionals. Our Autism Advisors handle thousands of calls each year and provide a direct first response to individuals looking for information, advice, and support.

Your donations also help us to provide additional equipment that can enhance the lives of those we support. Such equipment includes communication aids, sensory equipment, specially adapted furniture and improvements to outdoor areas.

Furthermore, we are able to give the individuals we support the opportunity to gain new skills, socialise and be self-expressive through the provision of social groups, cookery classes, drama, art and music therapy.

To make a donation to help us carry on this valuable work please click the button below. We’ve also got lots of fundraising activities you could get involved in, check these out below.