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Monthly Donations

With a monthly donation, you would be helping autistic individuals lead happy and fulfilling lives, becoming confident and valued members of their community and your gift means we can plan for the future knowing that we have your support.

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Give a Monthly Gift

How your gift can help​

£4 a month could provide a family with one-to-one support through our Advice Line

£10 a month could provide music therapy to help self-expression

£15 a month could help to fund equipment for a sensory room

£27 a month could help buy a tablet and programmes to help individuals communicate

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Why support Scottish Autism?

"The Scottish Autism Advice Line lets parents know that they're not alone and shouldn't sit about the house getting frustrated and in some cases isolated ... it's just simple advice from people who know what they're talking about."

"My son was diagnosed with autism and it has highlighted how important the charity is.  Before the diagnosis the website helped us out with a lot of information." 

"My brother suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and the One Stop Shop in Dunfermline has been a great support to him and us as a family.  I want to say thank you."

"Two years ago my 13 year old son was diagnosed with Aspergers.  He has had tremendous support during his transition to secondary school which was a great help to him and I would like to help others get the same advice and support we received."

For all the children, young adults, parents, carers and family members that deal with this every day of their lives.  I want these people to receive the right help.