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My Five for Supermarkets during the COVID-19 pandemic

We held a public consultation asking autistic people their suggestions on how to improve their supermarket shopping experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. With new queuing rules and social distancing in place as a result of the pandemic, our experience of supermarket shopping has changed significantly.

Our My Five campaign, launched in 2019 in partnership with St Enoch Centre, aims to help retail and hospitality businesses become more welcoming and accessible to autistic people and their families. We have collated the five most commonly suggested themes on adjustments supermarkets can make and developed guidance for them below. We are sharing this directly with supermarkets too.

With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease people may be visiting more than supermarkets in the coming weeks and months. Learn how you could make these visits a more positive experience.

WelcoMe is an award-winning customer service assistant which is revolutionising relationships between customers and staff at the businesses they are visiting.  WelcoMe, places the customer at the heart of the relationship whilst at the same time ensuring staff are aware of how best to interact with anyone arriving at their venue.

The WelcoMe app aims to support autistic and disabled people to have a positive experience when visiting shops, banks etc, which is particularly useful in the current climate. Find out more and download the app here!

If your business would like to get involved with ‘My Five’ and receive our free guidance document in full, get in touch with our team today through the following methods - you can email or you can call us on 01259 222022.

We can also offer a range of training courses to help your business support autistic employees and customers. We also offer a bespoke consultancy service that provides advice and guidance on how to develop your environment and the best practices to be more supportive to autistic people.

Find out more about out Training and Consultancy offerings.

'My Five' info for supermarket poster: