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Home > News > Blogs > Voices from the Spectrum > Bananarama! - Emma's Blog November 2017

Bananarama! - Emma's Blog November 2017

Emma Stanley

I have been to see Bananarama in concert and it was the original line up! The warm up act was a DJ and I reckon he was good, he played a mishmash of 80’s songs. When the Bananas came on they went straight into a song and never had a break which was good.

The hotel that we stayed in was brilliant, nice and cosy apart from the west coast mainline at the back but I can forgive them for that! Mind you I didn’t hear the trains. I went round to my staff member’s room to see what her room was like and we discovered the west coast main line from Glasgow central. I was having a chat with my staff member next thing we knew the London train stopped for a signal outside the staff members bedroom window! We got funny looks from the passengers on the train who were staring into my staff members bedroom window! We conveniently shut the curtains! Despite that I would use that hotel again as the staff were nice, the breakfast that we had was an all you can eat buffet which was another reason why I booked that hotel, it must be round the corner from Glasgow Central so good location despite the west coast mainline down the back of it, the rooms were good, my bed was very comfy I had a big bed which you will see in the photo of me on it. The reason that I chose the Jurys Inn is that they are disabled friendly, more so than most hotels I have stayed in actually.

We got to the Hydro and we were a bit early so we had a walk round, apparently next door the little muffins as I call them (little mix) were next door. We got in the wrong queue, we got in the VIP queue with the backstage passes for the meet and greet which we didn’t have so he directed us to the other queue and we got in eventually and I bought myself a Bananarama hoodie which is lovely and warm. I bought myself a packet of crisps and a bottle of DIET Irn Bru, we got up to our level that our seats were on and then we had to sit outside for a while as they were still setting up. They did warn us that they had strobes in their lighting, but it was not too bad it was nice and soft and they had a backdrop of old videos of themselves which was good. It was almost a sell-out, there were a few empty seats, they were pleased to see us all and it was amazing to see how many middle-aged men were there dare I say it! I got a bit overwhelmed but once I got used to the crowd and the Bananas came on I really got into the music and started dancing which you will see in the photos too. If my mum would have gone she would have cramped my style but my staff member who was with me was brilliant and put the worlds to right!

Although going back to the lighting, I know they had strobes but I am lucky that I do not take seizures, but I appreciated them telling us about the strobe lighting. It was a bit dazzling to start off with but I coped with it.