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Home > News > Blogs > Voices from the Spectrum > A Busy March - Emma's Blog March 2018

A Busy March - Emma's Blog March 2018

Emma Stanley

Hello everyone! Welcome to my third blog of 2018!

I have had a busy month, the weather started off wet, windy and don’t for Heaven’s sake get me started on the snow we’ve had! Thank goodness the worst from the beast from the east is over, although we are still supposed to get some snow over Easter, I’m very glad the weather is warming up though. I got very fed up being stuck in the house on my own, I missed my mum and staff – it was very lonely!

I have been enjoying my trips out with staff and mum – one day when I was out with staff I bumped into mum in the shopping centre. I was tying my lace on my boot, looked up and surprise! Mum was there talking away to my support worker. We had a wee chat which brightened up my day before me and my staff went to Debenhams for lunch.

I’ve been feeling very happy later in the month as the sun has made an appearance, he certainly has his hat on! A highlight of this month for me was taking mum out for Mother’s Day. We decided to go the Friday just before Mother’s Day as we guessed it wouldn’t be so busy then and I am not too keen on crowds. I feel a bit nervous in big crowds, it makes me feel anxious and I struggle to cope.

I had a – let’s say a surprise – visit to respite this month! Me and my staff didn’t have a clue until the day before I was going in, oops! When I got there, I had a bit of fun though. I relaxed and saw my staff on the Thursday where we went to one of my favourite pubs for lunch, the Elizabethan – or as I say, the Lizzie.

Scotland won at rugby it was a great game. I am looking forward to the summer and I fancy an Edinburgh rugby top or Pars top for my birthday. I went to Edinburgh and did some shopping with my mum then we had lunch at the Standing Order then we went home. At night I made my mum an Easter card and Kelly thanked me for the jars. For once the weather was fine!

On the next day I found my blue bin lid had come off, so I reported it to the Council. I had emailed AB by myself and I was very proud of myself, my mum must not know my email address.

On the 24th March I went to Kirkcaldy with mum or staff where we did some shopping and had coffee at Costa then came home by bus. It was a lovely day out!

The following day I started my tasks for the day when staff arrived and we did some ironing together. I was happy to do some ironing today.

When staff came to my house we went down to Cowdenbeath where we went to the Post Office and I paid a bill, then we went to The Butcher’s Café to have something to eat, I like the Butcher’s Café., their food is nice. After we went to Morrison’s to get my food shopping. We taxied home.

I uploaded my pictures onto an email and then did some batch cooking of macaroni cheese .

Tomorrow we will have something to eat and I looking forward to getting my hair cut and dyed after then we will go home by taxi.

Today is the 31st of March and I typed up my blog and hope you enjoy it!