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My Review - Emma's Blog September 2017

Emma Stanley

My September review was positive. I now have my reviews at my house every 6 months, I used to have them at Blue Central [Scottish Autism’s day service in Dunfermline] but I needed a pair of ice boots to climb up the stairs to the office and it was too hot and stuffy! Ingrid suggested before my review that I have it in my house and I feel good about having it here in my house. Also as my mum has done her foot in so was a lot easier for my mum to get to my house than to Blue Central so that made mum a lot happier as she didn’t have to climb up those steps and so it would have had to been down below in the training room which is not always available because of the training commitments.

My mum, my Senior Autism Practitioner, my keyworker and my Social Worker came to my review. It’s less stuffy having everyone in my house where I can open my many windows to let some fresh air in. I get a bit nervous/excited about my reviews because I wonder what they are going to say as I don’t always know in advance. I work with my keyworker, she writes down my thoughts, we discuss goals and how to achieve them if I am capable, she collects positive staff feedback which is good it helps me for the next 6 months and it makes me happy to hear my staff feedback. I recently went to a trip to BT Murrayfield and there is this famous photograph of the Calcutta cup and me sitting in the BBC studio which I picked them for my review.

I didn’t used to think that reviews were positive but now I do and it makes me feel good. I can air my feelings at reviews and I speak my mind. Social Workers are not always meanos, they are only here to do a job and I feel they get a bad press and it’s not always true what they say in the press! My Social Worker is a lovely person who has come up with some good ideas especially the respite which I have mentioned in a previous blog, that was her idea. I love my respite, it gives me a break so I don’t have to do the housework, I just love it to bits, staff are lovely, I loved it so much that I want to go back and I have asked for more the cheeky so and so that I am! My Social Worker said she will try to get me some more days at respite I think it is a good positive step.

My experience tells that reviews are not as always as the big elephant, as I call it, as they seem to be. They are not all as there are the positives and negatives as well and there was hardly any negatives. I take the rough with the smooth and get on with life.

See you next month,