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Sarah at the Fringe 2016

Sarah Dickinson

Every year, Sarah, who we support on an outreach basis, enjoys going to lots of different shows at the Fringe and has written reviews of her favourites.

Jimeoin – Renonsense Man – EICC Pentland Auditorium

I thought the gig was very good start to finish. The stage was a picture of Jimeoin posed like Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. It reminded me of a logo from a TV show I watched in the 1980’s called ‘World in Action’. His show included jokes about sheep, accents and Olympic sports like fencing. I gave this shown 8/10. This is half a mark less than last year’s show but I still really enjoyed it.

Craig Hill – Up and Coming – EICC Lomond Theatre

The show was great from start to finish. Craig came on the stage wearing his kilt and dancing to ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake. He was asking the audience where they come from and what their jobs were. For the finale he picked a member of the audience to do a dance on stage and played Alone by Heart. Craig wore a blonde wig, copying the style of the singer from Heart. After the show I met Craig! He was waiting at the door to say thanks for coming. I shook his hand and asked for a ‘pic please Craig’. He said ‘ok, ooh wee cuddle too’. I gave this show 10/10. This was the first time I have seen Craig and would like to go again.

Jason Byrne – is Propped Up – Assembly Hall Main Hall

Great from start to finish, as usual. The stage was set up with lots of props; brown boxes, an accordion, ‘Deal or No Deal’ boxes, swimming trunks, a cuddly carrot and a duck. Jason came on stage to his intro music, the theme from ‘Blockbusters’. He picked people from the audience to hold up cards with letters on. These spelled out Propped. He interacted a lot with the audience, which was funny. There was a lot of laughter over people from inside or outside Edinburgh. I’m an insider! I really enjoyed this show as I got to go with my sister Joanna. This is the third time we’ve been together; we also saw ‘You Name the Show’ and ’20 Years a Clown’. I gave this show 9/10. One mark more than last year!