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Home > News > Blogs > Voices from the Spectrum > Upheaval - Emma's Blog August 2017

Upheaval - Emma's Blog August 2017

Emma Stanley

In August I had some workmen in my bathroom to replace the rotten floorboards. They had to do this job because it was a health and safety issue or I would have fallen through the boards! They got on with the job working very hard and done it in a day. They hardly spoke as they just got on with the job but when they did they understood I was Autistic and they were friendly enough. Unfortunately, they didn’t give me a portaloo so after they re-laid the floor they had to plumb in the toilet so I couldn’t go to the toilet. I was so desperate to use the loo, I had to use my drying green as a toilet and I’m surprised my neighbours didn’t report me but I think they understood that I didn’t have a toilet. It brought back memories of childhood when I was little as I used to squat outside at the nearest big bush when I was travelling home from holidays.

I had to stuff everything out of the bathroom into my living room, it was a bit cramped with all the stuff which caused a big upheaval due to the lack of loo and lack of space. But they finished the job and went home the same day apart from the plasterer who came the next day and done the membrane.

My neighbours also recently took issue with my garden gate so we had to phone the council who came and fixed it and it is alright now. The bolt wasn’t the same level as the bolt hole which meant it blew around in the wind which annoyed my neighbours so they tied it with a bit of my washing line. They tied it so tight I couldn’t undo it which meant I couldn’t get into my drying green. However, now the council have given me a proper bolt and hole so it is working fine but I haven’t been out since.

August was fine, bit of an upheaval but it sorted itself out.

Signing off