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Somebody else is in crisis

You may be concerned that somebody else is in crisis during “out of hours” and you may be looking to figure out what you can do to help.

● Give the person an opportunity to talk. Sometimes, having someone who is willing to listen can help.

● Signpost them to this resource, or to some of our other resources on our website.

● Contact NHS111 if you have concerns, or 999 if a person is in immediate danger.

● You can also contact your local social work department and ask to speak to the on duty social worker if you have concerns for someone.

● If you are supporting someone who is actively suicidal, please see this page from ReThink 

● If you are using the advice above from Rethink to support an autistic person, please consider the following adjustments if applicable:

● Agree to use text or written communication if the person finds verbal communication difficult. However, telephone or face-to-face support is always preferred, as you will be able to know if the person is safe or not.

● Ensure the language you are using is clear. An autistic person may struggle with vague descriptions, open-ended questions, and or idiomatic language if they are in distress.

● Try to communicate with the police, or NHS workers, about the person’s communication and interaction differences if they require medical assistance.

● Be mindful that some people may have had negative interactions with the police, ambulance services, or mental health teams in the past and may need more reassurance.