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Dealing with Lockdown: Supported People's Perspectives

Alexander Edwards, Supported in Lothian Services

Lockdown has affected my life in several ways. I haven’t been able to go to college for the last two months. I haven’t been able to go to the Day Centre where I get my support, or go on buses. I haven’t been able to go to the One Stop Shop that I go to, to see friends, or go to a community project. I miss doing all the things I would usually do. I have found staying at home stressful. It is difficult for autistic people because a lot of us rely on routine.

I have tried to keep myself busy. I spend a lot of time doing crosswords and Sudoku, playing Patience, and tidying the garden. I’ve been getting virtual support online, and I’ve spoken to staff at the One Stop Shop online too. I’ve been using Skype and even used Zoom on one occasion. I also took part in a virtual art club that Scottish Autism were running. I liked seeing people I hadn’t seen in a while. Having virtual support gives me something to do and someone to speak to. We spend a lot of time chatting and we’ve also been playing games online. We’re planning on doing some baking. I’ve been to stay at Respite Support which was one positive – I’m going again next week. They looked after me well and I had a nice short break. It was great to see new people.

This situation is something I could never have imagined happening before. I am looking forward to it being over, which I think is going to happen soon.