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News and Events

Scottish Government Launch National Campaign

In October the Scottish Government launched a new national campaign with the aim to provide the general public with a clearer understanding of autism and to be more accepting of the different qualities and attributes of autistic people, whilst debunking myths.

Developed with autistic people, the campaign is in response to the Scottish Government Consultation on The Scottish Strategy for Autism, which highlighted the stigma and discrimination that autistic people can face.

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Research Funding Success

We are delighted to announce new research funding for Scottish Autism’s Centre for Practice Innovation. The Centre has been awarded seed funding from The John and Lorna Wing Foundation for research that will work towards a relational understanding of autism support. The funding will support a partnership with the University of Strathclyde to investigate what constitutes enabling interactions between practitioners and supported autistic people.

New Post Diagnostic Support Service

Scottish Autism is leading on a pilot to deliver a new National Post Diagnostic Support Service. This collaborative initiative, delivered in partnership with the National Autistic Society Scotland and Autism Initiatives, will provide a wide range of information and support to autistic people of all ages as well as their parents and families following diagnosis.

Funded by the Scottish Government, the service will ensure families are better informed and empowered. It will also support autistic individuals to understand and embrace their identity whilst giving them and their families the opportunity to connect with peers. This service will launch later in the year and we will shortly be sharing more details of how people can access it.

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New Research Collaboration

We are delighted to announce that Medical Research Scotland have awarded a collaborative PhD Studentship to the Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre at University of
Edinburgh and the Centre for Practice Innovation at Scottish Autism in order to undertake groundbreaking new research on autistic communication.

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Advice Line Plus

Scottish Autism received funding from The Scottish Government to allow us to provide much needed reassurance, guidance and
support to autistic people and their families across Scotland during these uncertain and challenging times. As part of this, in April we began to offer online events such as our Autism Advice Q&A sessions. We have been delighted with the response and engagement we have received and continue to offer a range of virtual events until government guidance allows in-person events to resume. To keep up to date with our latest online events please sign up for our events e-news at or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Impact through Diversity - Strathclyde Autism Course Conference

Strathclyde University’s School of Education is holding a 21st Anniversary Conference to celebrate the impact of their Autism programme on 21st November. On Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th November, the university will also hold two Keynote Evening Webinars. All three sessions will take place online via Zoom. The conference will be opened on Day 1 by Sir Jim MacDonald, Principal.

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